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Marketing Giant Seth Godin Missed It Big

For over 20 years, I’ve been a huge fan of marketing expert and author Seth Godin. I’ve bought many of his books, including multiple copies of Purple Cow.

Indeed, it’s a rare week that I don’t favorably quote in my writings, speaking, and conversations something that Seth wrote.

From reading Seth’s books and his blog for many years it’s clear that he’s a man of the Left, and I’ve been active at the national level of the conservative movement for over 60 years.

However, our differing political views have never had anything to do with my admiration and respect for Seth’s massive marketing, communication, and entrepreneurial skills. I especially admire his energy. I regularly point out high-energy is lacking in most conservative leaders.

But I was very disappointed in how he presented the pending ownership/leadership change at Twitter in his May 2, 2022 blog.

“For skilled information workers, job mobility has never been easier or more profitable.

And yet, countless people stay where they are, without ever considering why.

For example, there are hundreds of senior leaders and contributors at Twitter who haven’t quit their jobs in the last week. Even though they have a financial cushion, a technical reputation, and are facing the prospect of working for a new boss [Elon Musk] who has little respect on what they’ve worked on for years.”

Musk is spending $44 billion because the hundreds of senior leaders and contributors at Twitter have engaged in mean, evil, and dangerous activities.

What the executives at Twitter have “worked on for years” did not build a free speech platform, which is what Twitter’s founder and its initial culture promised.

What they built was a website that denied speech to Donald Trump for life and political and religious conservatives, but left it wide open for progressive, socialist, Marxists, including:

* Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who calls for the destruction of Israel.

* The Chinese Communists who lie about Wuhan and the worldwide pandemic they released, and who routinely engage in forced abortions, torture, and harvesting of body parts.

* Nation of Islam hate preacher, Louis Farrakhan, is allowed to continue his racist, antisemitic tweets.

* The New York Post and all who truthfully reported the Hunter Biden laptop story were locked out of Twitter. Twitter and other Democrats censors of the Hunter Biden’s laptop story probably led directly to the election of Joe Biden as President, a switch of less than 50,000 votes in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin would have reelected Donald Trump. Shame on Twitter and all who unfairly put their thumb on the election scale.

Censoring voices you disagree with is not work one should be proud of.

What is it about Democrats and their views and values that they fear other views being heard? The fact that a non-liberal practicing free speech so terrifies Democrats that they want Elon Musk to appear before Congress, and the Biden Administration wants a government agency of disinformation smacks of authoritarianism.

That is what evil governments do—Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union, Communist China, etc.

To me, whatever other points Seth made in his blog were drowned out by the evil things Twitter has done.

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