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Direct Response Marketing

American Target Advertising™ sparked a direct marketing revolution that started in 1965 and continues to offer the same high-quality service that gets results and raises money for the organizations we help power.

Direct Marketing

We customize all mail services and cover every step from concept to mailing.


We create high-quality, professional videos that highlight the great work you’re already doing and make an impact on your current and future supporters.

Other Creative Services

Let ATA's experienced marketers bring your next big idea to life, from branding to omni-channel strategies.

Direct Response Marketing
Digital Marketing

List Services >

American Mailing Lists Corporation offers some of the top conservative lists—giving your organization the exposure you need.

List Management

As a list industry leader, AMLC’s files are updated weekly.  Many of them are updated daily and offer multi-donor selects, hotline names and much more.

List Brokerage

The AMLC List Brokerage team knows lists! Not just our own world’s largest conservative database that we help build and manage, but also the entire external universe of available lists. Approximately 75% of our list business is with outside lists. Your organization can gain the competitive edge of top professional counsel – at no extra cost – with a customized mailing list strategy.

List Services

Digital Marketing

ATA Digital combines ATA’s marketing prowess with cutting-edge online innovation. We’ll shine a spotlight online for your organization, enhancing the ways it can raise money.

Email Marketing

The workhorse of online direct response marketing, we offer top-to-bottom email strategy.

Lift postal packages with pre- and chase- 


Hot topics

Build your email list to match your postal list

Online Advertising

From Social Media to targeted ad networks, we will strategically place your organization's ads, encouraging engagement with your content to expand your base and reach. 

QR Codes

On your postal packages to drive traffic to an action on your website.

Social Media

Our team will increase your online exposure and encourage your audience to share and engage with your content, helping your organization to move from simply obtaining new support to a long-term relationship-building model.

Web Development

American Target Advertising™ will transform your online presence from a broadcast model to a user-engagement focus.

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